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Wednesday Elements (all gyms) all sets @ 80-85% aerobic effort (consisten, moderate breathing) 30 sec alternating DB snatch rest 30 seconds 30 sec no jump burpees rest 30 seconds 30 sec double unders rest 30 seconds x 7 sets Performance (Fondren) 2 BTN snatch grip push jerk 1 snatch balance rest 2-3 minutes x 5 sets + beginner: 5-7 negative pronated pull-ups @ 50A0 AMRAP horizontal ring rows @ 2121 rest 2-3 minutes x 3-5 sets intermediate: 5 strict pronated pull-ups 7 kipping pull-ups rest 2-3 minutes x 5 sets advanced: 3 wtd strict pull-ups 5 strict pull-ups 7 kipping pull-ups rest 2-3 minutes x 5 sets Performance (Henderson) a1. power clean.clean: 1.1 x 5; rest 60 seconds a2. box jumps AHAP: x 5; rest 5 seconds between jumps; rest 60 seconds a3. strict pull-ups: AMRAP (-1) x 5 sets; rest 120 seconds x 5 sets b. push ups: 100 reps for time Performance (Vickery) Halting snatch from the ground – tough but solid double in 10 minutes + AMRAP strict pullups 300m Row AFAP Rest 2min bt sets x 4 sets

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WE. ARE. ON. Rain, Sleet, Snow, CFDC is still on schedule for ALL HEATS of 15.1 Dallas vs. The World – Crossfit Games Open.

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Monday Elements (all gyms) “Jackie” for time; 1000m row 50 barbell thrusters, 20/15kg 30 pull-ups Performance (Fondren) a. push jerk waveload: 6,4,2,6,4,2; rest 120 seconds + AMRAP in 8 min; 10 pull-ups 10 push ups Performance (Henderson) EMOM for 20 minutes: even: 3 power snatch odd: 15 wall ball Performance (Vickery) A. Snatch grip push press + OHS @ 2211 3.2 x 5 sets B1. Snatch grip deadlift @3030, 3-5 reps, rest 30s B2. KBS overhead 10-15 reps, rest 30s B3. Box jump overs, tough, rest 2min x 4 sets

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Thursday Elements (all gyms) 3 rounds for total reps; 45 sec row for calories 15 sec rest 45 sec R arm KB turkish get up – 35/26# 15 sec rest 45 sec double unders 15 sec rest 45 sec L arm KB turkish get up – 35/26# 15 sec rest Performance (Fondren) open gym Performance (Henderson) “Quarter Gone Bad” 15″ AMRAP thrusters (60/45K) 45″ rest 15″ AMRAP weighted pull ups (53/35#) 45″ rest 15″ AMRAP burpees 45″ rest x 5 rounds Performance (Vickery) open gym

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Looking to get better at kipping pull ups? Improve your mobility? Or do some active recovery??? Don’t forget about the Open Gym ours at the different gyms. The hours are open to all CFDC Athletes as part of your membership and non-members can drop in during these times for $20. Also on Thursday from 6-7pm at Fondren, we have our weekly skills class! Come join in the fun!

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Monday Elements (all gyms) AMRAP in 20 minutes; 300m row 20 wall ball shots 30 push ups Performance (Fondren) A. kipping pull-up practice – 10 mins B. BB thrusters: 7 UB reps x 5 sets; rest 2 minutes, not to load higher than 45/30kg + “Fran” 21-15-9 rep rounds for time of; BB thrusters, 42/30kg kipping pull-ups Performance (Henderson) EMOM for 10 min: even: 5 heavy back squats odd: 30″ AMRAP double unders rest 5 min EMOM for 10 min: even: 30″ AMRAP push ups odd: 30″ row Performance (Vickery) A. 3 sets: 15 Back squat 150m Row AFAP (rest 2min) B. 3 sets: 5 Strict pullups @3012 20 Burpees AFAP (rest 2min) + Accumulate 3min in Ring FLR, rest while switching partners

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We are proud to introduce two new programs starting this 2015! CFDC SPORTS TRAINING This program is for anyone who has competed in CrossFit at a Regional or Games level or a committed athlete who meets the requirements for this course. Class Times: Daily 10am to 6pm. Monday is an off day, and the weekends are variable. A member must be able to attend 90% of these sessions. Information and workouts posted on Requirements: Anyone interested should have these requirements well under their belt, not be “PR-ing” to squeak by on these. Requirements are set in place to ensure safety and forward progress of participating members and the entire group. Male and Female Body Weight C&J .75 Body Weight snatch 1.5 Body weight back squat 1.75 body weight deadlift 50 unbroken Double Unders Male – 1 muscle up, 5 strict HSPU, 500m Row sub 1:38 Female – 6 Unbroken Chest to Bar pull ups, 1 Strict HSPU, 500m Row sub 1:55 Interested? Email with requirement stats and questions. CFDC PREP COURSE This is a weekly class that will prep members for the CrossFit Opens and its movements and workouts. If you want to do well in the Opens then this is where you need to be. Pair this with regular Performance class attendance and Barbell Club and you are set up for success in the Opens. Class will go over topics such as muscle ups, double unders, touch and go technique, and workout strategy. We will also be hitting past Open workouts and some additional programming. Class times: CFDC Fondren- Thursdays at 6:00pm Email with questions and interest. We look forward to this CrossFit Opens season, always stay tuned for more information regarding the CrossFit Opens.

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Friday Elements (all gyms) A1. Press: 6 reps; rest 60 seconds A2. Single Arm Bent Over DB Row: 12 reps/arm; rest 120 seconds x 5 sets B1. Front Leaning Rest: AMRAP x 3 sets; rest 90 seconds B2. Passive Bar Hang: AMRAP x 3 sets; rest 90 seconds Performance (fondren) a. hang power clean: build to a heavy triple in 15 minutes b. strict press: 3-5 reps every 2 minutes x 6 sets; each set tough, start heavy and maintain c. tabata front squat x 10 intervals – 30/15kg; cannot set bar down throughout Performance (Henderson) 5 min AMRAP: 20 m bear crawl 20 air squats rest 2:30 5 min AMRAP: 7 strict pull ups/ring rows 10 alt. DB snatch from ground rest 2:30 5 min AMRAP 10 push ups street and back run Performance (vickery) Skill Development: Double unders “Annie” 50-40-30-20-10 Double unders Abmat situps + 50 Burpee over box for time

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Monday (All gyms) Nutrition Challenge Tester (1) 3RM strict press + burpees in 10 minutes: With a 10 minute countdown timer, and starting with an empty barbell, use the first 8 minutes to complete as heavy as a 3RM strict press as possible, and the last two minutes to complete as many burps as possible. You must cease pressing and begin burpees at exact 8 minutes. Burpee score plus kilo score gives total. Example – athlete builds to 60kg x 3 reps, and has 3 minutes remaining to score max burpees of 35 reps. Score is 60+35 = 95 total points 10 minute break (2) For total reps; 4 min AMRAP row calories 3 min AMRAP box jumps – 24/20″” 2 min AMRAP Kb swings – 53/35lbs 1 min AMRAP wall-ball shots – 20/14 to 10″” Example: athlete rows 55 calories, box jumps 44 reps, does 33 Kb swings, and 22 wall ball shots, for a combined score of 154 points Total score for the entire test: 95 + 154 = 249 points

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Matt Connolly published the post Building Structural Balance for CrossFit on Tabata Times
"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." Both recreational and competitive CrossFitters...
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The 2015 CrossFit Open is officially over! Thank you to everyone who participated in anyway!!! April 4th at the fight club we'll celebrate with a striking workout and BBQ! 5pm-6:30 striking 6:30 on BBQ!!

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Check out Tuesday's WOD!

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SATURDAY April 4th at 5pm~grab your gloves & Friends! ~Caleb Padgett and Coach Tori will be introducing DOXSA to CrossFit Striking! Enjoy BBQ plus GIVEAWAYS! learn boxing combinations, hear what makes a powerful punch and then we'll combine it with a mild CrossFit Striking WOD. We will have dates for weekly classes and you'll be able to sign up. (Classes free to DOXSA members, punch cards and Class memberships will be available to new members)

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But wait... There's more! Anniversaries all around! Congratulations, Stephanie on your ONE YEAR CF ANNIVERSARY! Well done!

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30 minutes of CrossFit & 30 minutes of Yoga= INCREDIBLE WORKOUT @ DOXSA! MONDAY nights at 5pm

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Congratulations to Michael on a TWO Year CrossFit anniversary! Keep it up, sir!

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Please remember to get your 15.5 times in by 5pm!!

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Coach Nori's cheering section for 15.5. So cute to hear kids yell "Go Mommy"!

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Completely agree with this! And in fact I have been telling you... "You are not a dog! Stop rewarding yourself with food!"

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CrossFitters please be sure to look at the end of the month. There are 2 class cancellations. "Open gym" for those that would like to still come in and workout.

mindcoach published the post Reflections of My First CrossFit Open on
Being a human potential and peak performance coach I have numerous clients that are athletes. We...
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Don't forget to submit your last Open WOD score today before 5 PM! Great job on the row and thrusters, way to finish strong! :)

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“Fall in love with the process, and the results will come.” - Eric Thomas

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Kristy Parrish published the post Testing Fitness vs. Testing Sport: The CrossFit Open on
It’s offi­cial -- Cross­Fit is a sport. This year, the Cross­Fit Open has made it clear...
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Level 1 Every 90 seconds, for 18 minutes (4 sets of each): Station 1 – Romanian Deadlift (with DBs or BB) x 6 reps @ 3011 (stick to the tempo – 3 second descent) Station 2 – Supine Ring Row x 8 reps @ 2111 (get as horizontal as possible) Station 3 – …

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Monday is going to rock! Get ready to test this week and get ready for Wendler training! WarmUp Run or Row 400m 5:00 DU work 1 Lap Lunge+PassThru 1 Lap Spideman 1) 20:00 find your 1RM BenchPress 2) 4 Rounds ForTime 5 MuscleUp (or 10 C2B) 10 DB Burpee 35/20# 50 DoubleUnder $) push up challengers do 2 more today Cool RestWalk 200m / Roll / Stretch

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Outstanding work all! Way to go. Congrats Kristi for getting 10:45 time RX on 15.5! Congrats Duncan and Samara on your huge personal records today with your back squat and snatch. Excellent work Sam W for obtaining your 100b snatch! Many personal records today at Open gym and way to finish up 15.5 Open wod with a potluck and toast. Fun afternoon with a great group of people!

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Gym Hours today are scheduled below. Make sure to sign in to front desk if you are attending any of the open classes today. 5:30am Cancelled!! 8-9am Class Coach Justin 9-10:30am Open Gym 4:30pm Coach David 5:30pm Coach Aron 6:30pm Cancelled!! Monday Deloading March 30th/wods/all-tiers-options

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Yes, i know 15.5 has 72 thrusters....and Badger has 90 cleans....truth is i programmed Sat hero WOD before i left....but i would not have changed is a hero's supposed to hurt and make you reflect on those that gave their all....cheers to all that came out and got it done.

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Get there at 10 and sign up for heat times!

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15.5 Done! #TelegraphStrong

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52 stories will work up an appetite!

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Post stair climb snack.

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Part of our TRACFIT Team on the way to SF for the American Lung Association's Fight for Air Climb. 52 stories after 15.5? Yes please, may I have some more!?

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Don't forget normal Saturday hours are back. 8am BodyWod and 9am Team CrossFit.

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Saturday's WOD: TIERS 1 & 2 For Time: Row 27 Calories 27 Thrusters Row 21 Calories 21 Thrusters Row 15 Calories 15 Thrusters Row 9 Calories 9 Thrusters TIER 3 Open Workout 15.5 For Time: Row 27 Calories 27 Thrusters @ 95#/65# Row 21 Calories 21 Thrusters @ 95#/65# Row 15 Calories 15 Thrusters @ 95#/65# Row 9 Calories 9 Thrusters @ 95#/65#

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WOD- Saturday, March 28: End of the Open Party! This Saturday, 3/28 is our End of the Open Party! 10:30-1:30pm, come WOD, cheer, and drink beer! Special guest Patrick Connor from KNBR radio will be announcing and DJ Ray Esquivel on the decks. The …

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